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The Best Father’s Day Golf Deal

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engage-fathers-day-ecard-someecards$50 for Father’s Day! That’s all you need. Monetarily. But that is NOT what this day is about.

Father’s Day is not about the money. It’s not about saving. It’s about quality time spent with dad. There’s no dollar amount you can place upon the sacrifices he made for you. There’s no dollar amount you can place on his worry, care and love for you. Father’s Day isn’t about money. It’s not about which sibling can outdo the other. It’s not about grand gestures. It’s about valuing the time you spend with the man who saw the best in you no matter what. It’s about the guy who maybe you don’t see as much as you’d like to, but loves you so unconditionally that just the sound of your voice dissolves the problems of that day instantly.

You and only you have the power to make his day. (Yeah. That’s a little Clint Eastwood. He’ll love that, too. ‘Cause your dad is cool.)

Let’s be honest, though. If theres’s one thing dad taught you and for which he can take credit…it’s spotting a good deal. Having taught you the value of a buck, it’s saving a dollar or two or ten that brings out the proud in dear ol’ dad. So, show him you’ve got his knack for frugality and take advantage of this truly great Father’s Day deal!


2 9-Hole Greens Fees

1 Cart

2 BBQ Rib Platters

Choice of 16oz Beer or Soda 

So for $50, you just took care of yourself and dad on a Father’s Day adventure for golf, food and a beverage (or more! Hey, that’s up to you! We don’t judge.) Remember, it’s only 9 holes. This isn’t an all day thing. You can get on with your other Father’s Day business that requires you in attendance with the rest of the family.

Well played, son.

This will be the easiest decision you make for Father’s Day. It’s quality time together on a beautifully, manicured golf course with food and drinks at a reasonable price. Make your Sunday, the 18th, reservation today. Call to make your tee time with dad at 518.758.9117!


Help Wanted, Looking For Bartender and Waitstaff

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unnamed-6Golfers are a happy bunch. It’s recreation. There’s something about being out there in the fresh air. They’re doing something they love. They bring that good-natured attitude indoors to The White Horse Tavern. You could be the one they visit at the bar!

Will you be the one serving up a smile, sandwich and suds? Working for a seasonal, family-run business can be a memorable experience. Our staff has also become a part of our family. You’ll see the same friendly members many days with guests coming in for lunch or dinner and a round of golf all the time.

We do appreciate honest, dependable, and hard-working staff. If these traits accompany a winning personality, then you should absolutely give us a call at 518.758.7054. You can always email your resume to [email protected]

We hope you think of us as a place of employment this spring, summer and fall. (And don’t forget the holiday parties!) There’s always opportunities to make some extra cash for Christmas!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Winding Brook Wins Capital Region Living Bestie Award

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BEST OF SEAL winner2017As the golf season gets ready to go full swing in the not-too-far future, The Austin family was overwhelmed and honored to be named among the Top 3 in the category of Best Public/Semi-Private Golf Course.  The Austin Family responded to the news:

When they told us, we were overjoyed considering the number of semi-private, public courses that are out there. We are humbled to be chosen as CRL’s ‘one of the best’. We’re so grateful for our members. And we thank the public, too. ‘Cause that’s who voted! We’ve always said that Columbia County is the best kept secret. And maybe the secret’s getting out. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 8.13.40 AM

Capital Region Living Magazine polls its readers to find out what’s the best of the best in the Capital Region. Remember, this covers a wide area. You’re talking from Warren to Ulster County, and everywhere in between. Just to be named among the likes of the Winner, Normanside Country Club and 2nd Place, Orchard Creek Golf Club is a huge honor. The Austin Family congratulates them both on their wins.

Winding Brook is gearing up for the 2017 season with their Grounds Crew already cleaning up the 300 acres from the winter debris. The deck is getting a face lift, so apres golf exertion is assuaged by a stylish space, great cocktails and superior views.

You’re going to love what’s happening on and off the course. As a golf course with membership, it’s easy to forget that the course is also open to the public. That means anyone can come in to play and enjoy The White Horse Tavern restaurant. If you don’t play golf, then just come in to eat. Bring the kids. They’ll love it. You’ll love it.

And we’d love to meet you, if you’re coming around for the first time. Stop in and meet the family that is Winding Brook Country Club!

To our local friends and members, we thank you for 55 years of golf recreation and memories! We are a place of tradition, and our hope is that the tradition continues with you.

As it is every year, our tentative opening day is set for April 1, 2017. Lucky for you, that just happens to land on a Saturday. NO FOOLING! We’ll see you on the Links!





Help Wanted, Seeking Course Worker

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Our course is a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and verdant greens. And our hard-working course crews take great care in maintaining those particular features…and much more.


Winding Brook is currently seeking a dependable individual to join this crew of great guys with strong work ethics and good attitudes. We’ve been lucky to employ a certain quality of workmanship out there on our beloved tees, fairways and greens. Will you be the next one to join up in this long-standing tradition of grounds keeping?

The hours ARE Monday through Friday from 6AM to 3PM. There’s something about getting up early, drinking that cup of coffee and earning an honest wage. It builds character. And the beauty of it is…you’ll be DONE at 3. The rest of the day is yours. Many of these guys have been keeping these hours for years. While so many are fighting traffic at that wretched 5:00, you’ll already have finished your day!

And your “office” is almost 300 acres of gorgeous views. Just think about all that fresh air.

Give us a call at 518.758.7054, if you’re interested in joining our team here at Winding Brook!



Winding Brook Introduces New Head Golf Professional, James Rossi

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Jim RossiAs Winding Brook Country Club embarks on a new chapter, we are excited to announce the recent and integral addition to Winding Brook Country Club – PGA Professional, James Rossi.

Jim comes to us by way of central New York. He may be a native of Liverpool, but his golf experience extends beyond the borders of the Empire State. His travels in the pursuit of enhancing his knowledge of golf and golf management have taken him from Liverpool to downstate to the arid courses of Arizona and back again. Lucky for us!

If you want something in life, you must first seek out the opportunity. Jim enjoyed golf from a young age due to the interest of his dad and brother, so when it was time to take it to the next level – he sought out his opportunity. He walked into a Pro Shop of a club which is now called Casperkill and asked for a job. And so it began. His hard work and dedication to the sport took him from here to there and back again.

His southwest experiences at Arizona National Golf Club truly educated him on the importance of customer service. As a PGA member and manager of staff capable of delivering world class golf operations known for excellence in guest service and golf shop merchandising, he supervised an award-winning staff of 20 whose Guest Service was rated #5 in the world – Golf Digest – Arizona National Golf Club and a Pro Shop that was Voted 100 best golf shops in America – GSO magazine – Arizona National GC.

It offered him exposure to PGA and Champions Tour, NCAA and State/Local Amateur Championships. It afforded opportunities to caddy for the Greats like Arnold Palmer, or to even sympathize with the complaints of an amateur Tiger Woods. Those are just a few interesting anecdotes Jim has to share. But, his heart is in the game itself. The people. And the next generation of play.

Jim has a strong background in junior programs and would like to incorporate that knowledge here in Columbia County. While implementing a program called “Learn To Golf” in the town of Greenfield, Jim increased youth golf participation to 80% within 5 years. He’d love to develop junior play, as well as all levels. He even introduced a “First Swing” clinic, in which physically challenged players could participate in the game of golf.

There is no end to his enthusiasm. Make sure to seek him out in The Pro Shop whether to discuss your game, furthering your game or just to welcome him to the area. The future of Winding Brook looks bright as he approaches the job with fresh ideas on couples leagues, themed events and other programs. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Jim had to say this about Winding Brook: I truly feel welcome by the family, and I appreciate both the private and public aspect of the course.

We hope you join us in welcoming, James Rossi, Class A PGA. Ask him about Augusta. Ask him about his hole in one(s) plural. Ask him about his spaghetti sauce!

Free Golf App

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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.33.41 PMWinding Brook has joined up with iGolf DNA and The YamaTrack App to put the design of the course in the palm of your hand. Open the app, choose Winding Brook and get acquainted with the 296-acre layout by using this GPS-controlled app to see hazards, yardage and most importantly, distance to the pin. The aerial view will give you the exact pin placement.

More than that, you’ll be able to see menu items. If you’re getting hungry or thirsty on the course, the app offers you the opportunity to grab a bite, and play on. It may even remind you’re hungry. Genius! Just use the number right on the app to call in an order.

Download it today on your iTunes or Google Play to get started and truly get to know us.

Summer Golf Camps

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And so it begins. You want to get your kid involved in a sport that perhaps you love, someone in your family loves, or maybe you just understand golf is a sport you can play at any age, and you would love to introduce him or her to something that could potentially last a lifetime. This begs the next question, “Just where do I begin?”


Your answer is the NY Golf Park. Get your son or daughter a lesson with Lucas Cohen, PGA. He understands the difference in age levels and what those age levels require. From ages 5-15, he will assess your child’s ability and approach his or her golf game in a manner that is completely appropriate for the age. Maybe your child has never even picked up a golf club. Okay, then. That’s where you begin! First and foremost, your kid has to want to do it, and furthermore, Lucas wants your kid to have FUN. FUN is the top priority on this man’s golf agenda for kids. He gets it. So your kid will get it.

A great way for your kid to develop his or her abilities while engaging in a social atmosphere is a 4-day Junior Golf Camp. Weren’t you just wondering what camp junior should attend this summer? Well, here you go. It’s most likely something completely different than what you had in mind. It totals 16 hours of instruction, but with a lot of fun thrown in. In a much more entertaining Miyagi move, Lucas will implement games and other fun activities that enhance skills without the kids even realizing it. Oh, they’ll play golf. Don’t you worry about that. They get a golf glove and polo to wear on the final day on an actual course. (I mean, seriously, how adorable is that?)

Take a look at just an overview of things they’ll be learning, among other games and amusements:

  • Putting (Miniature Golf and Bocce Golf Games)
  • Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play (Short Game Target Practice)
  • Full Swing every club in the bag (On Course Instruction)
  • Etiquette, Rules, and Golf Course Management


Make sure to read over the details of the Junior Golf Camp because it truly expands upon all the included activities. Most importantly, they’ll make friends, have fun and begin what will hopefully be a lifelong relationship with the game of golf. It starts here. It starts now at the NY Golf Park. Give Lucas Cohen, PGA, a call at 954.562.6881, or email [email protected] for questions and details.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.29.51 PM

Winding Brook supports Lucas Cohen’s outfit because he is a PGA professional who promotes the love of the game. He works with the golf courses in and around Columbia County. Lucas brought the NY Kids Golf Association tournament to our beloved course and will hold events here throughout the remainder of the season. We thank Lucas for his infectious enthusiasm for the sport and for building a strong foundation in the game with our area’s youth.

See you kiddos on the Links!

Father’s Day Golf Deal

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What are you going to do for Father’s Day? You’re all asking the same thing. Whether it’s for your husband of your kids, or your own dad, you’re all trying to figure out what to get this guy who deserves a day doing whatever he wants to do. If your dad is of the golfing persuasion, then let’s give you an idea with which you can work.

Golf. 9 holes. $15.

Right. Just $15. You’ll probably get a card, or have the kids make him one. You’ll give him some sort of gift. Maybe you’ll take him out to eat. (Did we mention the White Horse Tavern specials? Don’t worry. We will.) So, if you’ve got some things planned for this special day dedicated to daddi-o, then he might need to squeeze in golf. And, that’s ok. We understand you’ve got family you may need to visit. We understand you’re making dad a huge celebratory steak dinner! We understand he only has 2 hours to golf!


So, let’s make that happen for him. Everyone wins. You can go out and hit some balls with him, or send him off for a couple of therapeutic hours. Then, finish your day in the manner in which you choose. Your other option, if you want to make a day off it at Winding Brook, would be to apres golf at The White Horse Tavern. A little 19th Hole action never hurt anyone, especially dad on Father’s Day! There will be beer and food specials all day!

Make sure to call the Pro Shop for tee times on Father’s Day! 518.758.9117!

Happy Father’s Day to all those hard-working dad’s out there! Enjoy your day!

The Pool Will Be Open Soon

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The countdown is underway. Just under a week ’til the crystal blue waters of our Olympic-sized pool are ready for YOU.

You did join, didn’t you? The weather only gets better for the rest of the week! Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.17.12 PM

Look at that! It’s going to be gorgeous for the opening day of the pool. After last week, we certainly deserve some rays of sunshine, don’t we?! It’s going to be a blast this year. We’re lucky enough to host some of the most wonderful familiesnear and far. Locals and weekenders come together for fun-in-the-sun all summer long. It truly is a sight to behold; those friendships forged then rekindled the following season. 
We truly hope you become a part of these lifelong memories. And besides the fun and social aspects of the pool, there is the health aspect. Let’s not forget about the FITNESS!
Swimming is a good all-round activity because it:
  • keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body.
  • builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.
  • tones muscles and builds strength.


Swimming is known as the best all-around, full body workout. On those certain days where it really isn’t very crowded – especially when it just opens at 11am – you can get laps in. It’s a great way to start the day.

Courtesy of Chatham Brewery

Courtesy of Chatham Brewery

There’s nothing like feeling refreshed from a good swim! You’ve done your workout for the day, so it’s safe to say you’ve earned your poolside Farmer’s Daughter. Fill up a growler and toast your boosted metabolism!

Last but not least, there is the one true benefit of the Winding Brook pool that only those who have gone the route of inground/above ground pools could understand. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAINTAIN A THING! Leave that to us. For a truly affordable price, you can be a pool member and not have to deal with rips, tears, holes, maintenance, chlorine, PH balance, test strips, or any other nonsense that can come with owning a pool. You neither have to open nor close it!

$300     Single

  $350     Couple

$400     Family

Boom! That’s it. Great deal for zero headaches.

It’s more than that, though. It truly is so much fun getting to meet people from around town and from all walks of life. It’s a wonderful opportunity for a kid to completely fall in love with swimming. The lifeguards are fantastic. We’re truly lucky to have such amazingly competent and responsible young people watching over our children. The kids adore them!

Stop by or give Winding Brook Country Club a call when you’re ready to become one us – a pool member. 518.758.7054.



When is the pool open?

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When is the pool opening?


I hear this everywhere I go. If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked so far this June, I’d be able to open up my own pool. Granted, it’s been a hot June, and even May. We’ve had 90 – 100 degree and extremely humid days, sure. But suddenly – as is the norm with NY weather – it plummets to the high 60s and low 70s. This week, for example, it is just that. It cooled right down, continuing right on through this weekend. So, the big question on all our local (and non-local, city friends) families’ minds is: WHEN WILL THE POOL OPEN?!!!!

The date is set. Are you ready? Are you REALLY paying attention?:

Saturday, June 18th, 11AM

Please tell me you caught that. (Just kidding.) So, the official opening day of the pool is June 18th. Let’s pray for this current, cool 72 and blue, but also very gray at times, weather to give way to 85 and sunny! Especially for the weekend of the 18th. It’ll be just before those final, half days of school. Then, the pool is all yours! 

Get your sunblock, sun hats, sunglasses, diving sticks, beach balls, kick boards, books, iPads, goggles and swimsuits ready! It’s gonna be go time in just over a week! Let the excitement build. Remember, it’s a party at the pool! You can partake of the new kids menu at the White Horse Tavern!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.24.57 AM

(Don’t worry, we’ll get the ice cream menu out there lickety split! Heat and summer fun at the pool also means ICE CREAM. Oh, we know.)

Well, we covered the opening day, the food and the ice cream. The question on YOUR minds has been answered. Here’s the question on MY mind: have you joined yet?

Obviously, that leads to the cost question. I like to think what it’s worth. This is the breakdown of pool memberships:

SINGLE     –     $300

COUPLE     –     $350

FAMILY     –     $400

For those completely reasonable prices, you have the use of the Winding Brook pool. There’s no opening or closing to worry about. There are no chemicals you need to purchase then attempt to maintain a perfect balance using a test strip. There are NONE of those headaches. You just come over and enjoy. Easy! There’s a lifeguard on duty at all times to protect the younglings.

There are swimming lessons, if you’d like junior or princess to navigate the waters with better ease. (My daughter alone has completely exceeded any expectation I had upon receiving swimming lessons.) A year ago – at 4 – she was swimming underwater and doing somersaults. CRAZY. This year – not even 6 – she’s already jumping and attempting dives into the deep end without any floaties or puddle jumpers, or oh yeah…me! She’s in there by herself. (With me watching poolside, obviously. What kind of a parent do you think I am?!)

I attribute these abilities to her first lesson at 3 with a lifeguard. So please, when you join…yeah, I said when…introduce yourself to the lifeguards and figure out who would work best with your child. For some, it might be better to pair a girl with a girl. Emerson preferred to work with a female lifeguard. Ok, then! And with Everett, I might team up with another mom for her daughter’s first lesson, as well. Ask the lifeguard. Group lessons are common. You just have to set it up with the lifeguard. They’re usually held before the pool opens, but figure out what works best for yours and the lifeguard’s schedule.


Think about a pool membership at Winding Brook this summer. The friendships you’ll make will last. The kids can socialize, and that alone, pushes them to become better swimmers. I’ve seen kids build forts with the chaise lounges, if they’re available and unoccupied. The kids have a fantastic time at the pool! The moms and parents get to know each other. It’s wonderful to see these friendships forged at the Winding Brook pool.

Well, I think we covered everything. Now, we just need YOU to become part of the summer family at Winding Brook. Grab an application at the office, download here or call with any questions you might have – 518.758.7054! We hope to see you this summer!