Help Wanted, Seeking Course Worker

Our course is a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and verdant greens. And our hard-working course crews take great care in maintaining those particular features…and much more.


Winding Brook is currently seeking a dependable individual to join this crew of great guys with strong work ethics and good attitudes. We’ve been lucky to employ a certain quality of workmanship out there on our beloved tees, fairways and greens. Will you be the next one to join up in this long-standing tradition of grounds keeping?

The hours ARE Monday through Friday from 6AM to 3PM. There’s something about getting up early, drinking that cup of coffee and earning an honest wage. It builds character. And the beauty of it is…you’ll be DONE at 3. The rest of the day is yours. Many of these guys have been keeping these hours for years. While so many are fighting traffic at that wretched 5:00, you’ll already have finished your day!

And your “office” is almost 300 acres of gorgeous views. Just think about all that fresh air.

Give us a call at 518.758.7054, if you’re interested in joining our team here at Winding Brook!



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