The Best Father’s Day Golf Deal

engage-fathers-day-ecard-someecards$50 for Father’s Day! That’s all you need. Monetarily. But that is NOT what this day is about.

Father’s Day is not about the money. It’s not about saving. It’s about quality time spent with dad. There’s no dollar amount you can place upon the sacrifices he made for you. There’s no dollar amount you can place on his worry, care and love for you. Father’s Day isn’t about money. It’s not about which sibling can outdo the other. It’s not about grand gestures. It’s about valuing the time you spend with the man who saw the best in you no matter what. It’s about the guy who maybe you don’t see as much as you’d like to, but loves you so unconditionally that just the sound of your voice dissolves the problems of that day instantly.

You and only you have the power to make his day. (Yeah. That’s a little Clint Eastwood. He’ll love that, too. ‘Cause your dad is cool.)

Let’s be honest, though. If theres’s one thing dad taught you and for which he can take credit…it’s spotting a good deal. Having taught you the value of a buck, it’s saving a dollar or two or ten that brings out the proud in dear ol’ dad. So, show him you’ve got his knack for frugality and take advantage of this truly great Father’s Day deal!


2 9-Hole Greens Fees

1 Cart

2 BBQ Rib Platters

Choice of 16oz Beer or Soda 

So for $50, you just took care of yourself and dad on a Father’s Day adventure for golf, food and a beverage (or more! Hey, that’s up to you! We don’t judge.) Remember, it’s only 9 holes. This isn’t an all day thing. You can get on with your other Father’s Day business that requires you in attendance with the rest of the family.

Well played, son.

This will be the easiest decision you make for Father’s Day. It’s quality time together on a beautifully, manicured golf course with food and drinks at a reasonable price. Make your Sunday, the 18th, reservation today. Call to make your tee time with dad at 518.758.9117!


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